INTERVJUU: Theresa Marx, Ivo Nikkolo ja värviteraapia Pariisis

INTERVJUU: Theresa Marx, Ivo Nikkolo ja värviteraapia Pariisis

Foto: Theresa Marx

Mõni aeg tagasi sündis Pariisi tänavatel midagi kaunist. Midagi, mille kohta võiks julgelt öelda „color therapy in the city of love”. Selle teraapia tulemusel valmis fotoseeria, mille peategelasteks on Ivo Nikkolo kevadsuvise kollektsiooni rõivad. Kes aga oli selle seeria loomisel kaamerasilma taga? Fotograaf Theresa Marx, kellega Portail sel puhul natuke rahvusvahelises keeles ka juttu ajas.

Theresa, for those who don’t know you, tell us a bit about yourself.

My name is Theresa Marx, I am a London based fashion photographer. I actually studied fashion design and more or less accidentally fell into photography when I moved to Paris.

Being able to combine both worlds within my work is something I am very grateful for.

How did you end up shooting for Ivo Nikkolo?

My friend Kersti who modelled for us during that shoot recommend me to Anne Vetik and introduced me to the brand. I loved working with her and meeting Anne was super fun, too.

Did you have any particular favourites in this collection?

The beige dress with the lovely button details along the sleeve and in the front. So, so elegant but super wearable for everyday, too. And the sunglasses!

How does your personal clothing style look like?

High-waisted loose fitted trousers and a chic top one day and an extravagant dress on the other. I like to dress up for occasions but always want to be comfortable, especially in terms of shoes.

Ja poetasime sisse ka mõned mitte nii ametialased küsimused:

If you could only eat three things for the rest of your life, what would they be?

Cucumbers, croissants, mangos.

Your guilty pleasure?

My all time favourite German musician Max Raabe! Not sure where my love for him emerged from as I have no friends or family members that appreciate his music quite as much as I do.

Your favourite light?

Daylight – especially that super sharp orange morning light on a cold and crisp day.

Vaadake Theresa jäädvustatud ning Kairiin Ruuveni stiliseeritud moeseeriat Ivo Nikkolo uue kevadsuvise kollektsiooni ja eestlannast modelli Kersti Pohlakuga allolevast galeriist!


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