6 küsimust Isabel Marantile tema L’Oréal Paris meigikollektsiooni kohta

6 küsimust Isabel Marantile tema L’Oréal Paris meigikollektsiooni kohta

Foto: L'Oréal Paris

Septembri lõpus nägi ilmavalgust L’Oréal Paris meigikollektsioon koos ei kellegi muu kui forever cool’i prantsuse disaineri ja moemärgi Isabel Marantiga. Tänaseks on kollektsioon saadaval ka Eestis, mis tähendab, et meil kõigil on võimalus saada osa sellest legendaarsest, kuid mitte üle pingutatud prantslannade elegantsist. 

Ning kui meil avanes võimalus kollektsiooni kohta täpsemalt uurida just Isabel Marantilt endalt, siis muidugi kasutasime selle võimaluse ära. Avaldamegi siinkohal selle küsimuste-vastuste-vooru, kuid autentsuse mõttes jätame selle siinkohal tõlkimata. Sest väljamaa keeles on kõik ju natukene cool’im. 

Isabel, for your first ever makeup collection, what did you want to bring to women?

Exactly what I want in my own makeup bag. The essential products for every day, for life on-the-go. I approached this makeup collection in the same way I design my ready-to-wear collections: to be wearable anytime, anywhere. For me, Parisian cool style is not about social media perfection, it is a natural elegance: super-natural for day then statement updates for night with dark eyes or bright red lips. But never both at the same time! And always worn with a slight offbeat edge. Imperfection has a charm on its own. 

How did you decide what you wanted to include as essentials?

For me, everyday makeup should be about wearing just one thing. One brush of mascara or a touch of lipstick or a little eye shadow. To create this collection, I started with those three products. The look I envisioned was a makeup without trying, makeup that is slightly undone. Easy natural elegance.  

What inspired the L’Oréal Paris x Isabel Marant’s graphic aesthetic?

The inspiration came from my fall/winter 2018 collection, which is cowboyish. The „Wanted” posters from the Wild West that we have reinterpreted in a modern way – all black with the white signature.

Why a double-duty translucent mascara?

This transparent mascara is very natural but in the same time very sexy and you can use it to tame your brows, too. As it’s transparent, it suits every lash colour and gives a very natural „wet” look – a dewy, just emerged from water finish that works on everyone. I love it.

One makeup product that you couldn’t live without?

A beautiful red lipstick which galvanizes when you are a little bit down.

What makes Parisian style so desired by the world?

This is a question I’m often asked. I think Parisians are known for not overdoing their style, for having discreet elegance. Just having that little touch of charm. That said, French don’t look like they work on their style but in fact they do!


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