INTERVJUU: Christophe Copin – mees COSi meestekollektsioonide taga

Foto: COS

Loetud päevad tagasi avas COS Tallinnas siinmail pikisilmi oodatud poe. Selle piduliku sündmuse puhul avanes Portaili peatoimetajal Aljonal erakordne võimalus intervjueerida Christophe Copini, kes on moemärgi COS meesterõivaste peadisainer.

Aljona uuris Christophe’ilt nii meestemoe trendide kui ka meeste/naisterõivaste hägustumise kohta, aga loomulikult ka seda, kas uus, Tallinnas asuv pood tema COSi lemmikpoodide hulka kuulub. Autentsuse huvides avaldame intervjuu inglise keeles. 

Christophe, for those who are not familiar with your name, tell us a bit about your journey – from you interest in fashion to becoming COS Head of Menswear.

I joined COS in 2017 as Head of Menswear and have been fortunate to be part of an incredible team who really value the design process, which we put a lot of work into. My background has always been in design sometimes blending with architecture which I believe go hand in hand. 

What is currently happening on menswear landscape – any big trends we should know about?

There is a big focus in menswear on sustainable materials and production methods. Our community want to know more how and from what things are made, how to care for products so that they last longer, and we, in turn, are happy to work with the best materials possible, look for innovative ways to optimise fabrics and processes and reuse what we already have.

Tell us a bit about COS menswear collection that will be available in Tallinn store.

The Tallinn store will open with our spring/summer 2021 collection, which is inspired by the renewal of seasons and embracing the warmer weather. It also focuses on fibres that require less water, such as linen and hemp and remain versatile essentials for summer. A streetwear influence is prominent, with a focus on loose-fitting silhouettes to create a relaxed dress sense.

I’m not going to hide – I am a huge fan of COS – and each time I visit COS store I always take a look at mens department as well. And I have actually purchased many menswear items – for myself – during the years. Do you think about that aspect when you design? Because I’m sure I’m not the first one who finds COS collections rather unisex.

We have never been perceived as specifically a men’s or women’s clothing brand as we are actively working in both directions. A lot of men buy clothes from our women’s collection and there are probably even more women who buy men’s clothes, such as yourself. Some of our community call us a gender-neutral brand so we try to consider this topic during the design process.

What is that one item you cannot wait to wear yourself from COS summer collection?

It’s too hard for me to pick one so the natural tie dye T-shirt, the new relax chino, the jacquard over-shirt and the car coat in all the beautiful summer colours.

And now we have few rapid fire questions for you:

3 qualities that got you where I am today – COS Head of Menswear?

Curious about contemporary culture, attention to details and an inspiring team.

How you clear your head after a bad day?

Ideally an art exhibition, a nice dinner with friend and family, reading and listening, not specifically in this order.

Your favourite COS store?

The Florence store, the Seoul stores, the Bolzano store and now – Tallinn’s.

Thank you, Christophe!


Eesti esimene COSi kauplus on avatud Rotermanni Ajamajas, aadressil Rotermanni 6. 

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